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Tutoring service specialising in Higher School Certificate and university preparedness in essay writing, serving high school and university-bound students throughout Sydney, Inner west, Parramatta, Liverpool, Macarthur and Camden areas.

Meeting students learning needs

Meeting your
Student's needs

Jamie Houseman from The Writing Guy Tutoring Service is a writing specialist. Jamie has decades of experience in helping students harness their gifts to learn and mature. 

Whether your child is falling behind or looking to excel, a good tutor can unwrap and develop their unique gifts.  A good tutor can also develop learning strategies that overcome learning disabilities such as auditory and visual processing disorders. 


Tutoring will help your child become self-reliant and create a sense of personal responsibility for their learning. This increased self esteem enables students to gain confidence and engage more. Jamie's tutoring is an inclusive process, also involving parents and guardians. 


Jamie, The Writing Guy English Tutoring Service, is available throughout Sydney, inner west Sydney, Parramatta, Liverpool, Macarthur and Camden areas.


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Meeting your needs
as a Uni Student

Jamie Houseman from The Writing Guy Tutoring Service is a writing specialist. Jamie has travelled the world extensively and brings real life experience to his tutoring.

Jamie holds a Master of Divinity, so is no stranger to University learning. 

All students have unique gifts and individual learning styles. When these are discovered, learning strategies can be implemented that compliment your learning style, allowing you to improve grades, become more engaged  in the classroom, and be prepared for whatever life brings you.

Jamie also works with University Students to unravel the mysteries of good essay writing.  Learning to analyse data with critical thinking is a skill crucial for success at university and throughout your career.  

Jamie, The Writing Guy English Tutoring Service, is available throughout Sydney, inner west Sydney, Parramatta, Liverpool, Macarthur and Camden areas.


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English tutoring for University Students


Megan - Mother of Molly Year 6 and Maddison Year 8


"Jamie provides the necessary support to complement the work of our school system while helping my girls become productive and independent learners (something that all schools are missing). The way Jamie is making education accessible and obtainable is visible in the very healthy and engaged conversations I am having with my daughters. Their vocabulary has grown, formal sentence structure is now a common feature, and the girls' confidence level on reading text and handling their school work has more than doubled.

I have enjoyed watching the girls' reality shift with Jamie’s old school teaching philosophy; It is not about everyone receiving rewards because of attendance but receiving marks for producing their best work. Every week I watch them revise their work before submitting to Jamie telling me “I want a better mark than last week”…. WOW! If we all strived to be better and do better than yesterday I wonder where we would all be?"


Alisha - Year 3

"Jamie is a great tutor. When my child attends his zoom lesson I have noticed she is excited for the lesson. During the zoom lesson Jamie has taught my child to expand my child’s vocabulary and Different writing techniques. When my child   Attends a lesson Jamie  teaches my child how to memorise vocabulary in way where it is enjoyable and fun. When my child attends a zoom writing class she is taught different writing techniques which improved her writing in school. When looking for a English teacher the qualities to look for are reliability, skills in communication and listening skills I am glad Jamie has these qualities this is why I recommend his as a tutor." 


Siddhi - Year 11

"I found Jamie’s private Tutoring much more beneficial compared to other tutoring centres as my lessons are customised to suit topics I cover at my school and I’m able to get feedback to perform as best possible in assessments. It also helps break down and understand the conceptual/theoretical  aspects that aren’t taught in school."


Dylan - Year 10

"My son Dylan is in year 10 and he loves to read but has always struggled to do assignments and assessments because he has not been able to grasp the proper method and concepts behind good writing skills. He has had various tutors but unfortunately has not made much progress. We have been with Jamie just over a month and his instructions and method have not only elevated Dylan’s confidence, my son is starting to see results in his ability which is a good driver for motivation to continue on his journey of learning and becoming more proficient in his writing skills. Thank you Jamie for your love of language and sharing your insights with us."

Cheers Lilian (Bass Hill)


Lesandro - Year 12 Student of Jamie for 3 years


"I started with Jamie in the beginning of Year 10 averaging a 'D' grade in English class and had a strong dislike of reading and literature, now in my final year of schooling my marks have increased significantly and I am now receiving 90%+ in school exams. Jamie has sparked my love for literature and has enlightened me, his lessons are specialised, detailed and very engaging - His method works! - . I greatly recommend Jamie as an English teacher for many who are in the same position as I was before".


Ban - Mother of Christian in Year 12

"Thanks for to teach my son Christian."


Sonia - Mother of Son in Year 10

"My son (fifteen years old in Year 10)  has vastly improved overall with English. He no longer struggles to write anything from essays to creative pieces and is doing well in his class. Thank you, Jamie." 


Christine - Mother of Son in Year 9


"We sent Matthew (Year 9) to tutoring to help him develop his writing and reading skills as he moved through high school.  He started with Jamie in Year 7 and we have seen the benefits of being nurtured by Jamie, to feel confidence in himself to see the results that he is receiving for his written work for school.  We are very happy with Jamie and the work he has been doing with Matthew and would recommend Jamie's services to anyone.  You won't regret it."