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Tutoring service specializing in Higher School Certificate and university preparedness in essay writing, serving high school and university-bound students throughout Sydney, Inner west, Parramatta, Liverpool, Macarthur and Camden areas.

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The Writing Guy Tutoring Service teaches K to 12 as well as University

  • Specializing in Essay and Creative Writing

  • Reading and comprehension

  • NAPLAN/HSC/Selective Schools preparation

  • Tertiary Essay and project writing

  • English as a Second Language

Overcoming obstacles

Many students have learning blocks including:

  • Poor comprehension

  • Poor or slow reading

  • Below-average writing skills in creative writing or essay writing

  • Lack of confidence in school

  • Lacking the ability to communicate with clarity through verbal or written communication

These can come about by a variety of reasons including - unfortunate life circumstances, family disruptions, learning disabilities as well as bad juvenile attitudes. They become like boats stuck on a rock and can spend years not progressing. The new curriculum moves at such a pace makes it difficult for kids to catch up once they get behind. I am able to get them off the rock and moving forward again.

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Meeting your needs

Students need a tutor who can unwrap and develop their unique gifts, develop learning strategies that overcome learning disabilities, auditory and visual processing disorders, and help them become self-reliant and create a sense of personal responsibility for their learning, giving them confidence and engaging their gifts to be the best they can be.

All students have unique gifts and individual learning styles. When these are discovered, learning strategies can be implemented that compliment their learning style, allowing them to improve grades, become engaged learners in the classroom, and be prepared for whatever life brings them. The Writing Guy Tutoring Service has decades of experience in helping students harness their gift to learn and mature. 


Jamie Houseman has devoted his life to students and their education.

His experience includes:

  • Teaching English and History for 8 years at NSW State Schools

  • Teaching K-12 grades in private Christian schools for 4 years

  • Private tutoring in Sydney for 5 years in History and English for Years 2-12

  • 15 years of youth training in the USA

Using critical listening skills, interactive communication, real-time homework assignments, grammar, spelling and reading, students are able to improve their understanding of core and elective subjects, and take personal responsibility for their learning environment.

Jamie uses his decades of experience to help your child become an engaged learner who excels in the classroom.


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Serving Sydney, Inner west, Parramatta, Liverpool, Macarthur and Camden areas


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