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A Christian Perspective

 I have had the great fortune to meet Jesus during my early adult years.  It is He, as He has expressed Himself in His Bible, that has informed my teaching since. I had already been trained as a secular teacher and this in itself proved to be a problem for my new faith. Of all the subjects the humanities are those subjects which have been most corrupted by the forces of modernism and postmodernism. Since that time, over thirty years, the Lord has been very particular in redeeming me from my secular education, allowing me to teach Christianly.  


English, Drama and History are humanities subjects. They are not about science and numbers, they are about humans and how they relate to each other – or not. The texts I teach I think contain very powerful subjects because they each include stories of people in our world. They, inadvertently, influence how we look at our world because each story has an latent appeal to the student to embrace a world view. Each world view presents very different definitions of god, of humans, of love and of righteousness, which is often expressed as human self-acceptance of self-confidence.

We cannot hope to interpret and benefit from works of literature without the grid of values, the sense of right and wrong, the overarching narrative of Divine love in Christ, provided by the Bible. I am convinced that that acquiring a Christian worldview is vital for any young Christian to interpret this world and still see God in a robust faith. This sort of teaching is fundamental to prepare a young Christian to stand in their faith as they engage with adulthood, being able to discern correctly both the good and the evil of this world. Without this discernment a young one cannot choose the good consistently. Growing young teenagers into useful and worshipful young Christian adults is a desire of my heart. I would like to do this as I tutor your child.

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