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Vocabulary, Punctuation and Grammar

These, I think, are the banes of many students’ existence knowing only the tedium relating to vocabulary and an impenetrable and useless mystery relating to grammar. In contrast, the truth is that these skills are life skills to be inculcated for use during the remainder of the student’s life.

Using the writing process, as already outlined, the student comes to appreciate and love their ability to express themselves in writing, these two vital skills become a means to an end they desire and value.

Effective self-motived editing is where the students learn by being confronted with a vocabulary problem or a grammar problem and when given the tools and the time space to find the solutions under guidance, are able to acquire a mastery of these, the hardest aspects of literacy. It is a time intensive process which is not allowed for in out current curriculum, but a necessary one.

Learn vocabulary, punctuation and grammer
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