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Students on the Rocks

Many students experience periods where they get stuck in their progress at school. They simply under perform and when this cancer bites it does not let go easily. It is rather like a ship which gets stuck on a sandbar and can no longer move, it is just stuck no matter how much revving of the engine goes on. It is tragic because unless this situation in a student’s life is addressed effectively, the student will continue to go from one year to the next but will not benefit maximally from their years. It is easy to hide in a classroom of thirty.

To avoid this rather common problem it is necessary to find out what caused the problem in the first place. It can happen from a variety of circumstances within the family or within the student’s school experience.  Such a problem has to be analysed carefully and sensitively. Students are sensitive petals, as we are, but they then have an increased propensity to misinterpret the complications of life’s harder circumstances.  Their unresponsiveness can be likened to turtles with a protective shell which allows them to imagine they control their environment by simply ducking – including even their parents!

Unknotting such attitudes is difficult to do – the offices of psychologists and various diagnostic tools we have can be frustrated. I have some talent in getting stuck students off their rocks. While I am not able to solve all problems, but the years of experience and my strong pastoral gift allow me to help many students become unstuck and begin to progress and recover lost ground.  

Students struggling with school work
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