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English as a Second Language

I have learned two languages personally, having lived in Mexico to learn Spanish, as well as a continuing effort to learn Koine Greek, the original language in which the Bible was written.

Through my Mexican experience I understand what it means to come to a new country and feel like a little child because in the new language you speak like a child even though you may be an educated adult!

Language is the most complex activity we do. It is the hardest thing we do when we have to learn another language as an adolescent and more particularly as an adult.

Having moved to a new country with a different language, a person is faced with the necessity to learn the new language or not be able to take advantage of all the opportunities the new country offers. I am aware that the learning of a new language is imperative.

I have the linguistic education to help an English learner but also have the personal experience of learning a foreign language in a foreign country which gives me a sensitivity assisting a person to obtain an educational, or professional level of English, both written and spoken to achieve all that is possible.    

I am able to assist in the preparation of ILTS goals as well as preparation for tertiary education and essay writing in Australia. Being able to read and write to a professional manner is essential to obtaining the qualifications in this country. Such goals are complex and difficult but not impossible. I use a rather inductive method, especially when it comes to grammar, relating the English grammar to the student’s own native grammar. This facilitates the understanding of the complexities of grammar which allows a freedom in English Grammar.

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