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Parents helping with home schooling

Home Schooling

I am experienced with and value the hard work of Home Schoolers. I have used the Ace System and other several other popular systems during my time in the U.S. I concluded a long time ago that the parental home is the place of greatest educational profusion because it is God who ordained parents, even single parents, to be the primary teachers of their children.

Having said this I have the skill and experience of a gifted professional Humanities teacher – that is in English, History, Philosophy as well as a developed Protestant Orthodox Theology.  I can offer these specialised skills  to a Home Schooler who wishes to augment or even extend the gifting of their own students.  It has been my only career, one which now spans over 40 years. Particularly in the last several years I have found an increased ability to offer broad content, skills acquisition, as well as the development of personal character and discipline for the student. I have also had experience in dealing with children affected by various forms of dyslexia and some children on the autism spectrum. My main objective is to support you in your endeavour to educate your child. You will find I take a collegiate approach to you in this endeavour.  

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