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Year 10, 11 and 12 students get help NOW before your FINAL EXAMS

Professional On-Line Tutoring Australia Wide

English Tutor services

The Writing Guy
Tutoring Service teaches Kindergarten to Year 12 and University Students

  • Specialising in Essay and Creative Writing

  • Reading and comprehension

  • NAPLAN/HSC/Selective Schools preparation

  • Tertiary Essay and project writing

  • English as a Second Language

Overcoming obstacles

Many students have learning blocks including:

  • Poor comprehension

  • Poor or slow reading

  • Below-average writing skills in creative writing or essay writing

  • Lack of confidence in school

  • Lacking the ability to communicate with clarity through verbal or written communication


These learning difficulties can come about for a variety of reasons, including unfortunate life circumstances, family disruptions, learning disabilities as well as bad juvenile attitudes.


Your child can become like a boat stuck on a rock and can spend years not progressing. The new curriculum moves at such a pace that it makes it difficult for kids to catch up once they get left behind.


I can get them off that rock and moving forward once again.

Overcome learning obstacles
Teaching Strategies

Teaching Strategies

  • Jamie primarily works with existing class and homework to improve performance and position within existing classes.

  • Personalised programme for each student after a detailed and personal analysis available.

  • Time tested one on one mastery of the basics which if missed in most formal programmes are very difficult to catch up on.

  • All writing is student drafted and edited.

  • Grammar and spelling are approached within the context of their school work and simple routines for both skills are developed which are then applied to all writing tasks.

  • Critical thinking and analysis exercised one on one, particularly relating to clarity of expression for improved academic performance.

  • One on One reading aimed at increasing competence, widening of interests as well as reading for pleasure.

  • Speech making and public speech making as well as delivery coaching.

  • Critical Listening skills are developed through interactive conversation.

  • Memorization skills are developed.

  • Basic scheduling and time management for study are developed.

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